I love to delight the eye with beautiful objects and integrate them into my designs. I create sculptures, lamps, planters and furniture. I gravitate around clean lines and geometric shapes with a European touch, as I am from Belgium after all!
The creation process and the ability to materialize an idea have always astonished me. For me, it’s a subtle balance between the creator and the material characteristics; they both have a lot to express. I maintain a close relationship with raw materials, and respect their roughness and texture, which I like to retain.
My background in 3D design has made me quiet obsessed with light and its power to create emotion. I am also passionate about outer space, which gives my sculptures a lunar feeling.
I create from my surroundings and take pride at repurposing what some people consider as trash and give forgotten items a chance to be memorable again.
I would be happy to do custom work in order to fit your needs. I hope you like my creations and if something interests you, email me at [email protected].